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  • Andy
    What do you guys think about going from the 6 3/8 70 lbs z7 mag to the mr5 70 lbs? I am shooting real well with the mag, and was just thinking about getting a dual cam bow.
  • king maximus
    indeed I shoot twice with this crossbow and it goes well.
  • Matt
    Kronik XT is a bow made for durability.

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fara poza

1967 was a very important year for Bear Archery. It was the year when Super Kodiak replaced the very popular Kodiak bows. Fred himself used this model for many years, in different hunting adventures and quests. This great bow is not only efficient, but also very comfortable to hold and ...

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fara poza

After several changes of names and bows in Bear Archery, the time for innovation arrived. 1969 was the year when the famous TakeDown recurve bow appeared. In those days, the design was ahead of its time, but even nowadays there are people still talking about it. Available in both A and B risers, ...

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fara poza

Throughout the years, Bear has been frequently asked to revive the famous 59 Kodiak. However, as the duplicate could not be as good as the original, the 2014 Kodiak is inspired after the 59 Kodiak. With layered tips, a good grip and an I-Beam construction, made of Purple Heart with Bolivian ...

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