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  • Steve
    Such a well-balanced bow! I felt no recoil when I shot it.
  • DJHunter
    Great Bow! I have an outlaw and set at 68 pounds, with a 348 grain arrow mine is at 305 fps and has 73 pounds of kinetic energy.
  • Barney
    Im a hoyt guy and I got a 2012 hoyt Rampage xt at 28 and a half inch drawl lenght and at 60 lb dw its one of the best bows that I ever shot I shot 4 deer with it last year and it was the first time that I ever bowhunted in like 6 years so like it says get serious get hoyt but the strings fray a littel buoy but you can fix that with bow string wax.

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Its tips are curving away from the archer.

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