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  • Bob
    This bow is very interesting.
  • Matt
    Kronik XT is a bow made for durability.
  • John Buchanan
    I'm really impressed by this bow's performance and accuracy.

Top 5 Hunting Bows for women

1. Bear Archery Home Wrecker Bow - is very light, only 3.2 pounds and has a shooting capacity at 280 fps.

2. Diamond Infinite Edge Bow - has a fully adjustable design and suits a wide range of different draw lengths  and weights.

3. Quest Bliss Bow by G5 - has an adjustable draw weight that allows most hunters to find their perfect niche.

4. Bear Siren Bow - combines a comfortable hand grip, a smooth draw cycle, a shock-free release and a swift arrow speed.

5. PSE - Chaos One - is little, performs with top IBO speed and is cheaper than the average bow.

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