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  • Axel
    My Method is smooth, fast and quiet, very accurate, with smooth edges, and I don't have a problem with tuning with the rest mounted properly.
  • AjMan
    Wonderful bow.
  • TheBeginner
    I just picked this bow up last night, but haven't sighted it in or shot it yet.

Deer bow hunting in Ohio

The city council discussed about the legislation and the majority seemed to be concerned about bow hunting, but were ok with the sharpshooting.

Regarding bow hunting, the mayor Kevin Kennedy and Glaunter introduced last September a legislation that allows residents that have the permission from the city and state to hunt with bows from elevated positions on their property, but after speaking with experts, they concluded that it would be very difficult to get a permission because of the lot sizes in North Olmsted.

Right now, there's nothing sure but the council plans to have at least one more meeting on the topic although a date hasn't been set yet.

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