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  • Tom
    i like the z9 very much.
  • LittleMan
    I'm shooting a Z7 28" draw at 60#.
  • DJHunter
    Great Bow! I have an outlaw and set at 68 pounds, with a 348 grain arrow mine is at 305 fps and has 73 pounds of kinetic energy.

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fara poza

Yet another longbow built having in mind young archers, Silver is a 54" bow, whose limbs are made of two maple cores and fiberglass. It's also recommended for small hands, being both lightweight and easy to handle. However, this does not mean it is not accurate, you will be amazed! This ...

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fara poza

Reaching out to the ones who take bowhunting seriously, Savannah is based on the reflex/deflex system which stores energy while diminishing the hand shock associated with many longbow models. A traditional longbow in itself, this 62" bow consists of a Bubinga riser and two lamination ...

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fara poza

If you are in search of a longbow which combines ageless materials and modern design, then the perfect answer is El Dorado. With a riser made up of multiple laminations of exotic hardwoods and fiberglass and limbs of laminates of maple backed with black and clear fiberglass, it certainly has a ...

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