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  • JimmyDoodle
    First I tought that I can use this bow only for targhet shooting, but I was amazed how good it performs at hunting.
  • Gary
    Just bought one.
  • James M
    I usually hunt deer with a PSE, but when I tried this bow, it felt so much lighter! I would say 10 lbs lighter and that's an advantage.

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fara poza

Length (w/o Foot Stirrup): 31”  Width (Limb Tip to Limb Tip): 27”  String Length: 26.5”  Limb: Compression Fiberglass Rear Stock: Lightweight Composite Track/Barrel: Aluminum Suggested Arrow: 16” 2219 Aluminum Included - or - (20” Carbon ...

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fara poza

4x32 Multi Reticle Scope Rope Cocking Device Padded Sling Quick Detatch Quiver w/4 Carbon 20” Bolts 13.5 Inch Power Stroke Machined Aluminum Riser 
Precision Trigger Assembly Anti-Dry Fire Equipped Ambidextrous Auto Safety 
Fully ...

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fara poza

150 Lb Compound Crossbow 4x32 Multi Reticle Scope Quick Detach Quiver With 4 Arrows Rope Cocking Device Next G1 ™ Camo Accents Adjustable Weaver Style Scope Mount Ambidextrous Auto Safety Large Boot Style Foot Stirrup Lightweight Vented Aluminum ...

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