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  • Alan
    The bow it's incredibly good for his price.
  • Jacob
    These bows can be adjusted from 15 to 25 pound pulls just enough for target shooting, not for hunting.
  • TheMan
    Just picked up my Faktor 30.

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fara poza

The first compound bow that automatically covers all draw lengths is the Original Genesis. It features the single-cam Genesis bow and it is available in many colours, helping beginners see archery even more enjoyable than it is. This versatile bow has a breakthrough design, a great level of ...

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fara poza

There is no draw length for this Mini Genesis bow, as it offers "zero let-off", providing a wide range of length to fit any archer. At only 2 lbs, this bow can accommodate even the youngest archers with shooting a bow, without getting them fatigued.


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fara poza

The "zero let-off" Genesis Technology makes Genesis Pro fit anyone. This competition-quality bow allows the archer to customize the draw length according to his/her own wishes. Also, the Aluminium Genesis Cam provides accurate shooting with little recoil and easy ...

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