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  • Martin
    This is a bow that can do everything.
  • John
    This is the best bow for young hunters who want to start this great activity.
  • John Buchanan
    I'm really impressed by this bow's performance and accuracy.

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fara poza

The first time you draw it back, you’ll feel a grin stretch right across your face. Blink-fast Agenda speed plus a forgiving 7" brace make this bow as enjoyable as it is deadly. And it’s got a features list as long as your arm: smooth H13 rotating-module cams matched to Max ...

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fara poza

The new riser technology, the red-hot H13 cam and the Max-Preload Quad Limbs make the Agenda 6 unlike any other bow on the market. The Hinge Cable Guard system eliminates the torque and the vibration is also reduced. This bow ensures smooth, fast and stable shots, being one of the most ...

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